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  What We Need From You
to Build You a Website

More About Us


We specialize in building websites that
YOU can update all the information from the internet.

If you are interested in having a website for you or your company
please consider these questions listed below
and then give us a call at (731) 989-9076
or Email us at

1. What do you PRIMARILY want your website to accomplish for your organization?
2. Select the type content you want included on your website.
(Check Our Prices by Content Type)
3. Can you, or someone else maintain the information once it is working?
4. What is your time frame for having the website live on the internet?
6. Communications will be primarily by Dynamic ToDo List on your site - YOU can see and update ToDo List
7. Do you want to be able to work on your website when it is completed? - Do you work with Frontpage or Dreamweaver?
Price and Billing Information
  • Tasks (ToDo's) are prioritized by you and available on your secure control page with all your update links for text and other database updates.
  • Billing is by Invoice monthly and payment is due via check within 5 business days.
  • If payments are not on an agreed to "monthly remittance schedule", the invoice should be paid in full within 5 business days. If payments are habitually over two weeks late I may request prepayment prior to work being continued, and/or remove your site from internet access until full payment for completed work is made.
  • Typically everything in the price list can be completed within six months with good cooperation, provision of input, and testing of the site by the website owner.
  • Added pages are charged for actual time worked, and normally less than estimated on the price list.
  • Your decisions, based on what is listed above, made at the outset facilitate a speedy completion of your website. Changing major components of a site can be time consuming and costly as it sometimes requires much time to redo the site.

If someone recommended us to you please tell us their name.

"Imagination is our only limitation!"

   Give us a call ~ You'll be glad you did!

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