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Dynamic Samples

Questions to consider before contacting us to build a website.

Websites will be constructed to dynamically display virtually any type information you require. ALL samples are on LIVE websites we have built.

($20 an hour actual - which ever is less)
Select Quantity of Which Services You Want and Print
Total Cost will be at bottom of this page
(Check our Dynamic Samples Page for more LiveSamples)

Quantity Price Summary Description

300.00 Basic Web Install
Select From List below to Add Pages/Sections
Domain &Hosting ($119.50) for one year,
Either a Designed or Purchased Template for all pages.
All TEXT to be updated by YOU.
Add pages/sections from those listed below or
New content specific to your needs can be created.


Home Page with rotaing photo or animation
Any Additional New Section Dynamic

Price for each new page YOU update with existing database.

40.00 Additional page New Designed Static Price for each new page - Doesn't change

Associates Section
List of associates, allow them to update their OWN information only.

100.00 Courses and/or Seminars Section
Separate from the calendar - detail info on courses and or seminars offered - PrePay optional

100.00 Direct Order Section Sample
Order From You

Icons and links for your subweb on other websites.

100.00 Frequently Asked Questions Section
Visitor can ask / You decide whether to allow it to be continued to be shown and answer it.

100.00 Learning Center Section Informational section - games for kids.

40.00 Marquee Scrolling on Page Sample Text and Link to go to what you are promoting-change monthly part of mainteneance

100.00 Month view Calendar Sample Event View of Calendar is also included

100.00 Newsletter
Date controlled to display including history automatically

50.00 OPTIONAL - Monthly maintenance Recommended after website is completed if you think you will make changes - up to 3 hours monthly.

100.00 PayPal PrePay
Sample or
PayPal Shopping Cart Sample

PrePay Appointments
PrePay Services
Sample 2

75.00 Photo Viewer Sample Rotates Photos with captions and links for each photo. Can be imbedded in eb page also

100.00 Services Section
Sample w/PayPal
What you provide to Customer

100.00 Testimonials From Clients
Sample on Lisa's
They enter their testimonial, You decide what remains on the website.

50.00 Thought for today One year provided, you can change it as you like - Rebuilt free in December

  FREE Control Page for Owner

Sample although NOT useable

Dynamic List of what I am working on, YOU prioritize, add cancel.
ALSO control page for ALL your updates for your dynamic pages.

TOTAL Selected

Should you decide to hire me to do your website,

  • Please Call and discuss OR send
    • a copy of this estimate printout to me.
    • Also print out the general questions, answer them, and include them as well.
    • And include the Tempate Name you have selected
      OR a website you want one LIKE.
  • Call if you have further questions and are serious about a website

June Patterson
941 Sand Ave
Henderson, TN

You may chose a flat price from the estimate above or an hourly rate.

Or you may chose an estimate based on the time required to build to your specifications..

  • PAYMENT is normally 1/3rd up front, and $300 a month until paid in full.
  • We typically finish a 5-Page dynamic website within 2 to 3 months after estimated and approved.
  • Anyone ordering a "Full Website" (over $1,100) and paying in full in advance will recieve a $100.00 discount.

If you want to talk to us about building your website, click here for more information.

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