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Whether you are a school administrator or parent, your goal is the safety and security of the students while they attend school. From the smallest preschool to the largest university, there is a wide range of emergency preparedness levels. Do you know how well prepared your child's school is? Does your classroom or school have a school survival kit?

Some states require disaster preparedness as part of their standard operating procedures due to the types of occurrences in their area. Most schools should have a disaster plan, hold periodic drop, cover & hold drills and train their staff on what to do during an emergency.

At M.T.T. we offer our signature "Kids Kit" which is a kids survival kit, designed for one student. We also offer a rolling backpack schoolroom survival kit for evacuations and a classroom lockdown kit that includes a portable toilet.

For schools that purchase their supplies in bulk, we have quantity discounts.

Weight - 19  Pounds

Classroom Lockdown Kit


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Weight - 25  Pounds

Classroom/Fieldtrip Kit


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