From the 1960's television series  "The Village Square"     (Jim Owens Productions)

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The Villagers Reunion -

May 2, 1999 at "The Summer of '66"  Stage Play

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Villagers and Jim Owens with the Summer of '66 Cast

       Steve       Wayne     Jeanne        Jim        Linda       Dana      Wesley      Ruthee

             Premiere Night of Summer of '66, May 2, 1999, created a special opportunity for            some of the cast to meet their original Villagers counterparts

Steve, Wayne, Jeanne, Jim Owens, Linda, Dana, Wesley and Ruthee

Wayne, Jeanne and Leroy


The Villagers Reunion Jam - July 31, 2005  Charleston, S. C.





     Steve Wiggins


Dana Douglas

Wayne and Jeanne

Dana and Wayne


Wayne, Jeanne, Steve and Dana


                              The Villagers and friends (Daniel, David, Aaron and Tom)


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                                                                                       Turn that Gi-tar down!!!!!!! "JImi" 
                                                                                                 They can still "Shag"


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