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For Our Henderson, TN Readers
February 2010

Local FREE Advertising on JunesWebs

Our purpose adding this to our site is to provide an avenue for business owners, self employed persons, those having events for the public, those having rentals and houses for sale by owners, cars for sale, etc to be able to provide information online so people can FIND what they are looking for HERE AT HOME.

Let’s advertise together! It is free to add your information—and ONLY YOU will have total dynamic ability to modify all the text for your information.

Chester County Businesses Listings with two views, one that is Searchable and one that is Printer Friendly.

Have something to sell? Create your own login (your valid email address) and a password of your choice. ONLY that logon and password can add to, change, or delete your information.

Together we can build one single place where people can go to see what is available HERE AT HOME!!!

Volume 10 - Issue 2

Chester County TN Business Website?

We are currently building a prototype Chester County TN Business Web site, similar to the one on this site, providing free listings of all the "businesses" in Chester County, as outlined in column one.

The only charge would be for "Specials", "Sales", "Menu's", etc, similar to the ads in the ChesterCountyIndependent web site "Featured Business" Section. There would be a minimal monthly fee for those, and content would be totally controlled and maintained online BY the business.

The paid advertisements would be listed first in all the displays and searches specifically for that type business.

The prototype for this web site is still in the "Good Idea" stage. It will be completed and implemented ONLY if there is sufficient interest in building it from this Newsletter.

If you ARE interested in either READING
nformation listed for Chester County only, or PARTICIPATING in the free or paid listings, please email me.

Henderson, TN Area Businesses (now in Beta Test = Gathering Information)
To have your business included, click here, Register a logon and password for your business, and fill in the information. ONLY this logon and password can Access your information to change it - write it down and keep it in a safe place.
Email us a photo if you want one included.
Our only limitation is our IMAGINATION!
  IF another Township wishes to have this developed for THEIR community or city
Email me please.
Email Us



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